Terrix Construction Corporation is dedicated to providing our clients the utmost in service from the design stage and through the construction stage.  Terrix Construction offers a full range of bilingual construction services. From producing drawings and helping you plan your space, to using our forces and specialty contractors to complete the construction of your project. Whether it is commercial, industrial, institutional or residential, Terrix Construction can assist you in completing your project on budget and on schedule.

General Contracting

Terrix Construction approaches construction projects with the same positive partnering attitude regardless of the projects delivery method.  Whether it be a lump sum tendered project, or a negotiated construction management contract, we will always do our best to ensure the client receives the biggest benefit for their construction dollars.

Construction Management

Whether leading your project or as a member of your team, Terrix Construction will provide support for all team members not only on the construction site but whenever and wherever required.  From sourcing materials to investigating possible construction methods, we will assist in any way we can.

TOPPS Roofing Products

As a Certified Installer of TOPPS PRODUCTS, Terrix Construction can provide owners with cost effective roofing solutions. These elastomeric roof coatings outperform competitors when they're new and continue to provide superior performance for years down the road. The roll-on or spray application of these products provide superior coverage and can come with up to a 10 year warranty.